AI-generated content with an attitude

DALL·E vs. Kandinsky2

Comparing DALL·E (USA, left) and Kandinsky2.1 (Russia, right) image generators with the same prompts

“a pretty girl”

“a handsome boy”

“a young couple kissing in Paris in front of the Eiffel tower during a spectacular sunset, warm colors, sharp focus”

“a typical car from 1950”

“an English bulldog wearing a spacesuit inside a futuristic spaceship, detailed textures, 3D rendering, highly detailed, concept art, sharp focus”

“a cute platypus, cartoon style”

“a street in New York with cars and people, professional studio”

“a marble sculpture of a man without clothes seating and absorbed into deep thoughts”

“an abstract painting, art by Kandinsky”

Generated from text with the corresponding prompts by DALL·E (left) and Kandinsky2.1 (right). Some context here.

(Cover image generated by Kandinsky with the prompt “two robots fighting, soviet cartoon style”).


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