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a manifesto against CBDCs

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital versions of traditional fiat currency issued by a central bank. The idea of CBDCs has been gaining traction in recent years, as governments look for ways to keep up with the increasing digitization of the global economy. While CBDCs may seem like a logical and necessary step in the digital age, there are numerous implications that must be examined before they are widely adopted. This manifesto will discuss why people should be concerned about the increasing prevalence of CBDCs and why they should resist them in order to maintain their privacy and individual freedom.

Lost Privacy and Anonymity

Privacy is a basic right that many citizens take for granted. It is the right to determine what information about oneself is shared with others, and how it is shared. With the increased digitization of the economy, however, our privacy rights are increasingly under threat. CBDCs are particularly concerning in this regard, as they would enable governments to monitor and track all economic transactions.

Anonymity is another important concept related to privacy. Anonymity is the ability to remain anonymous when engaging in economic transactions. With CBDCs, governments would be able to trace all transactions back to the individual, making it impossible for citizens to remain anonymous when engaging in economic activities. This would have far-reaching implications for citizens’ privacy rights and financial freedom.

Restriction of Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a fundamental right of any citizen, allowing them to make decisions about how they save, spend, and invest their money without interference from the government. With CBDCs, however, governments would be able to use the currency as a tool to control spending and financial behavior. For example, they could impose limits on how much money individuals can send or receive or even what kinds of purchases they can make. This would essentially create a ‘nanny state’ where citizens are unable to make their own financial decisions without government interference.

Censorable Money

CBDCs could also be used as a tool for censorship by governments. For example, they could be used to limit access to certain services or products by making it difficult or impossible for individuals to pay for them. This could be used to restrict access to information or stifle political dissent by making it more difficult for citizens to purchase materials that are critical of the government.

Unpredictable Monetary Policy

CBDCs could also be used as a tool for manipulating the economy by introducing volatile and unpredictable monetary policies. For example, governments could use CBDCs to quickly raise or lower interest rates or introduce new taxes with little warning. This could lead to instability in the economy and create uncertainty for businesses and individuals alike.

Weaponizable Currency

CBDCs could also be used as a weapon against citizens by governments. For example, they could be used to manipulate political outcomes by withholding funds from certain groups or individuals or by selectively providing funds to favored groups or individuals. They could also be used to punish citizens who disagree with government policies or who engage in activities deemed illegal or immoral by the government.

Constant Surveillance

Finally, CBDCs could be used as a tool for surveillance by governments. By tracking all economic transactions through CBDCs, governments would be able to gain an unprecedented level of insight into citizens’ lives and behaviors. This could lead to an increase in state control over individuals and a decrease in individual privacy and freedom.


In conclusion, CBDCs pose a threat to our privacy rights, individual freedom and financial autonomy. They have the potential to be used as tools for censorship, manipulation of the economy and surveillance of citizens’ behavior. We must resist their introduction and demand that our privacy rights and individual freedoms are respected. We must stand up against CBDCs and demand that our rights are protected and our freedom preserved.

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Title: “A manifesto against CBDCs”

Target: “we the people, people who value privacy and individual freedom, people afraid of the increased control from governments”

Keywords: “lost privacy and anonymity, restriction of financial freedom, censorable money, unpredictable monetary policy, weaponizable currency, constant surveillance”

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